We have modified the sewing studio to conform to CDC health and regulation guidelines as well as our own research.
In-person classes meet as follows: * 6 or less students in a class or camp * one dedicated sewing station per student * Handwashing & hand sanitizer
 * Face Mask Required * Temperature taken at the door * Disinfecting/Cleaning in between classes


photo Courtenay Christian

Hello and welcome,

Threaded from Heaven is connecting more young and seasoned people to experience the Art of Sewing!

I have so many fond memories of childhood hand-sewn blouses and Christmas dolls sewn by my mother.   The skill of hand-sewing passed down to me and my siblings from my mother.  Later advancing from needle & thread to using a sewing machine.  My love of dolls is what started me and kept me sewing as an adult. I got the sewing bug and now I just love to sew everything.  I have been sewing for 26 years and teaching adults, teens, and kids for about 20 years. 

I'm a wife and mother of 2 beautiful daughters and stepmother of 3.  While being a stay at home mother, I started teaching at Joanne Fabrics for about 3 years and left there to teach at Hobby Lobby in Buford, GA since 2008.  I opened my very own sewing studio in September 2018.

I became a Certified BurdaStyle instructor in 2017 and I use these skills to continue teaching and sharing sewing. 

photo Mrs. Tiffeny
I am excited and honored to teach  beginner crochet lessons to her students. Crochet like sewing is a life skill and great to master.
A little about my crochet journey. As a preteen, my mother taught me how to crochet. I remember watching my mother make creatively beautiful afghans for everyone in the family. She did not use a pattern from a book, the design was in her head.  I would see the excited reaction each receiver would have as they wrapped the afghan made with love around them. My mom's beaming smile spoke a thousand words. 
I wanted to make one too! That's how it all started.
I admit it took a while to develop speed and learn other stitches but I stuck with it. I ended up making that afghan and many more items. I specialized in making baby layette sets in my 20's-30's as all my friends were starting families. Homemade gifts are always the best.
Benefits of crocheting: Life skill to pass on to the next generation, builds eye hand coordination, is relaxing, fosters self accomplishment/self esteem building, creates unique one of a kind gifts and is profitable too.
So please come and join us!
You will learn to read a pattern and crochet stitches to make cool and practical projects.
See you soon.