Little Stitchers - Hand Sewing Club

NEW!  Ages 5 & up!  The class meets once a week for 1 hour.  This is a class where kids are going to use their imaginations to create things with their hands using fabrics, thread, and creativity.  Learn how to sew using needle and thread.   There is a lot that can be sewn with needle and thread.  Come flex your creative muscle!

Your child will learn the fundamentals of sewing with needle and thread creating several fun, useful projects.  They will learn the following stitches,

  • Running Stitch
  • Whip Stitch
  • Back Stitch
  • How to Sew a Button
  • With these newly learned skills, it will enable them to sew pieces of fabric together to make fun projects. 

This creative skill will prepare them for the next step, machine sewing.  

Did you know, that sewing develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, develops creativity, promotes independent work, teaches patience, self-confidence, and pride in a completed project?

During each class the goal is to complete 1 project.

Christmas Tree w/buttons, Tick Tack Toe game, Tissue Holder, Animal pillow (Elephant, Giraffe, Dinosaur) Unicorn, Just to name a few........  

Parents are welcome to stay during class time.  Children age 5 & 6 must have parent/guardian remain with their child during class time.

All materials are provided.

Each student will receive a Hand sewing kit (Hoop, embroidery thread, buttons, needle)   
Sewing packets are provided with all the necessary items to complete the project.

COST: $100 for 4 week session

(4) Students per class (not including parent/guardian staying)

There is no refund or make-up days for missed classes.

10 days notice required to cancel class.


Class Schedule Start Date Duration Instructor

Little Stitchers - Sewing Club!
Little Stitchers - Sewing Club! Monday 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM Start any time On going Courtenay Christian
Little Stitchers - Sewing Club Wednesday 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Start any time On going Courtenay Christian Register