We have modified the sewing studio to conform to CDC health and regulation guidelines as well as our own research.
In-person classes meet as follows: * 6 or less students in a class or camp * one dedicated sewing station per student * Handwashing & hand sanitizer
 * Face Mask Required * Temperature taken at the door * Disinfecting/Cleaning in between classes

Adult Sewing School Basics

Courtenay Christian
Threaded from Heaven, Sewing Studio (location map)
Mon, Thu, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
02/15/21 - 03/11/21 (4 weeks)


The Adult Sewing School is created to teach you individual techniques. 

NEW Virtual Classes **  FREE 1 hour Studio time with Adult Sewing School registration

  • It is a series of (4) classes created to build your sewing knowledge.
  1. Sewing Machine Basics 1 1/2 hour Class
  2. Beginner Sewing - 2 hour class
  3. A lot about Seams & Darts - 2 hour class
  4. Zippers and Buttons - 2 1/2 hour class
  • These skills will later enable you to create an item with a professional finish because you will know how to create the seam or dart the pattern is calling for.  
  • Gaining confidence and a better understanding of Interfacing, Zippers, Buttons, and sew much more.  Sometimes these things can be the most difficult things to conquer when you are sewing a pair of pants, a skirt, jacket, pillows, even a simple napkin.
  •   Addressing sewing techniques allows you to focus on the construction of the item you will be sewing.  

In this class, you will create a reference book of examples, pincushion, samples of seams & darts, & cosmetic bag/pencil pouch.  Use this book as a reference when taking other sewing classes. Necessary supplies for classes are included in registration.

Cost:  $280.00 pp. (8 hours of sewing, learning & fun)

With Pre-requisite: Sewing Machine Basics, & Beginner Sewing enables you to sign up for additional sewing classes.

DROP-IN Classes:  If you would like to take only one class, or one class at a time, please go to Drop-In Class to sign up for an individual class. Drop in Classes do not include the Notebook, handouts may be included depending on the class. 

Cost: $85 pp. per class - supplies pertaining to the class included.

Upcoming Meetings
02/15/21    6:30 PM Monday Drop-In 02/15/21 6:30 PM Drop-In
02/18/21    6:30 PM Thursday Drop-In 02/18/21 6:30 PM Drop-In
02/22/21    6:30 PM Monday Drop-In 02/22/21 6:30 PM Drop-In
02/25/21    6:30 PM Thursday Drop-In 02/25/21 6:30 PM Drop-In
03/01/21    6:30 PM Monday Drop-In 03/01/21 6:30 PM Drop-In
03/04/21    6:30 PM Thursday Drop-In 03/04/21 6:30 PM Drop-In
03/08/21    6:30 PM Monday Drop-In 03/08/21 6:30 PM Drop-In
03/11/21    6:30 PM Thursday Drop-In 03/11/21 6:30 PM Drop-In