We have modified the sewing studio to conform to CDC health and regulation guidelines as well as our own research.
In-person classes meet as follows: * 4 or less students in a class or camp * one dedicated sewing station per student * Handwashing & hand sanitizer
 * Face Mask Required * Temperature taken at the door * Disinfecting/Cleaning in between classes

Kids Sewing Class - Homeschool

Courtenay Christian
Threaded from Heaven, Sewing Studio (location map)
Monday, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Start Date: Anytime
Duration: Ongoing
End Date: On going


Meets Bi-Weekly on Monday, at 1:00 - 3:00 pm
Cost: $80/monthly installments for a 10-month school year Payment is due on or before 1st day of the month.  Plus a non-refundable registration fee of $40 for the workbook.

Needed:  Material for the projects
 Your child will live out their "Project Runway" dreams by attending this fun sewing program Bi-weekly for two hours!
In this program, the lessons start with the basics and progress until the student is ready to use commercial patterns. I encourage students to experiment with the skills they have learned and to exercise their creativity during their lesson time. This is not just a project-producing class, but a skill-developing opportunity. Sewing is a skill that will last for a lifetime which will boost your child’s creativity, develop patience and problem-solving skills. These fun and educational sewing classes will most likely be one of your child's absolute favorite time of the week.

Your child will learn and understand many techniques and concepts of sewing.
•    Open to children ages 8 and up
•    2 hours Bi-weekly (except Gwinnett County School breaks)
•    Sewing machine & tools provided
•    Students purchase their own fabric and notions for each project.
•    Students will use a pattern workbook. (Registration fee $40.00)

Registration is ongoing:
The class structure allows new students to join at ANY TIME if space is available.
School year: August - May
Cost: $80/monthly installments for a 10-month school year Payment is due on or before 1st day of the month
*Class schedule follows Gwinnett County school calendar. Class participant must be ages 8 & up.

Needed:  Material for the projects

Upcoming Meetings
11/30/20    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 11/30/20 1:00 PM Drop-In
12/07/20    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 12/07/20 1:00 PM Drop-In
12/14/20    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 12/14/20 1:00 PM Drop-In
12/21/20    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 12/21/20 1:00 PM Drop-In
12/28/20    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 12/28/20 1:00 PM Drop-In
01/04/21    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 01/04/21 1:00 PM Drop-In
01/11/21    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 01/11/21 1:00 PM Drop-In
01/18/21    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 01/18/21 1:00 PM Drop-In
01/25/21    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 01/25/21 1:00 PM Drop-In
02/01/21    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 02/01/21 1:00 PM Drop-In
02/08/21    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 02/08/21 1:00 PM Drop-In
02/15/21    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 02/15/21 1:00 PM Drop-In
02/22/21    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 02/22/21 1:00 PM Drop-In
03/01/21    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 03/01/21 1:00 PM Drop-In
03/08/21    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 03/08/21 1:00 PM Drop-In
03/15/21    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 03/15/21 1:00 PM Drop-In
03/22/21    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 03/22/21 1:00 PM Drop-In
03/29/21    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 03/29/21 1:00 PM Drop-In
04/05/21    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 04/05/21 1:00 PM Drop-In
04/12/21    1:00 PM Monday Drop-In 04/12/21 1:00 PM Drop-In