Little Stitchers - Sewing Club

Courtenay Christian
Threaded from Heaven, Sewing Studio (location map)
Mon - Fri, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
07/20/20 (1 week)

NEW!  Ages 5 & up!  The class meets 1X a week every month for 1 hour.  This is a class where kids are going to use their imaginations to create things with their hands using fabrics, thread, and creativity.  Learn how to sew using needle and thread.  This is a yearly program that follows the Gwinnett County School year.  There is a lot that can be sewn with needle and thread.  Come flex your creative muscle!

Your child will learn the fundamentals of sewing with needle and thread creating several fun, useful projects. This creative skill will prepare them for the next step, machine sewing.